Amazon Advertising

To be successful on Amazon it takes more than just fancy AI-powered & machine learning software to drive your Amazon advertising efforts.  Our personal hands-on data-driven approach, coupled with our specifically developed software, we leverage in-depth keyword research and bid optimization strategies to improve performance and efficiency.  The way we analyze keyword data (on a granular level) we are able to discover terms your competitors never even thought about bidding on before.

By the way, Amazon Sponsored Products is the fastest growing paid media channel on the web and regularly out-performs other direct marketing channels. Maximize your revenue with Amazon paid advertising.

It all starts with understanding product lifecycle. Product lifecycle is a way of measuring the maturity of your product on Amazon. It’s a combination of rank, reviews, sales history, and profitability. Product lifecycle is crucial because it helps us decide what portion of our total ad budget should go to each product, what keywords you target and what types of ads you deploy. 

We have a unique perspective at Brand Buddy. Our clients sell in virtually every category from nutritional supplements to beauty/personal care to bedding. Each category presents a unique competitive dynamic. Our clients are continually tasking us to launch new products while growing those with a history of proven success. Contact us to learn how we outsmart competitors using PPC.

  • Full strategy, development, and management of campaigns

  • Weekly keyword/search terms harvesting from campaigns

  • Weekly Advertising reports

  • Product targeting, sponsored products, and sponsored brands

  • Retargeting & display ads

  • Comprehensive “TPR” seasonal promotion, coupon, and deals strategy


Amazon Business Services

We have found and our experience has shown that managing end to end all components of your Amazon business is the best practice to achieve the fastest results and the most sales on Amazon.com.

The Amazon Marketplace changes every day. Let us stay on top of the ever-evolving chaos of this e-commerce ecosystem. Our team monitors and responds to your Reviews, handles complex and time-consuming Amazon Support issues, and directs Customer Support issues immediately to your team to turn what is normally a cost center into a profit center providing fast and quick customer service to your Amazon customers.

Importantly, our Dedicated Customer Success Manager protects your Brand’s intellectual property and Amazon’s Buy Box to ensure you maximize your ownership of the Amazon sales channel.  We investigate, identify, and eradicate un-authorized resellers of your brand to help you take control of your brand back and protect your sales from being stolen by other resellers of your SKUs.

We are not a one size fits all agency. Our services are always custom-tailored to the needs of our partners. During our audit, we explore how to best optimize Amazon to meet your business needs both online and offline. 

  1. Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  2. MAP enforcement, monitoring of buy box and cease & desist letter execution (with the help of our lawyer and one of our strategic partners, Brand Guarde)

  3. Review, feedback, and customer support software management

  4. Tech stack evaluation for optimal system integration with any Enterprise Resource Planning tool (ERP) or workflow

  5. Lawyer and tax nexus strategic partner recommendations

  6. International expansion

  7. Retail-ready - Preparation for category reviews and integration with syndicated IRI/Nielsen data