Facebook Messenger has proven itself to be the newest form of marketing communication that will become the standard for every company to be a part of. 

Facebook Messenger Marketing has a 99.99% deliverability rate and open rates that consistently hover around 85 - 98%. In terms of click-throughs, we are seeing a wide range of results, but an average of 50% CTR (Click-to-Respond) isn’t unheard of. With 1.3 billion active Messenger users we’re seeing more and more companies flock to the platform and establishing bot presences. 

Current e-commerce businesses and clients that use ManyChat/Facebook Messenger Marketing are seeing a large increase in their ROI on marketing spend and much more engaged audiences. Top benefits for consumer packaged goods companies selling on Amazon are:

  • Extra reviews

  • Increase in ranking 

  • Increase in revenue 

  • Improved customer lifetime value 

  • An influx of net new customers 

  • Reactivation of old customers